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Faassen Plants Group is a group of 3 tree nursery companies in the Netherlands. In over 95 years these companies have grown from small specialist growers to wide range nursery plants suppliers supplying wholesale nurseries all over Europe. While growing the company did not loose it’s familiar background; the 4th generation Faassen is ready to let business bloom as before.


On 75 hectares in the South-Easters part of The Netherlands we grow trees, multistems, hedging, forestry and container grown plants. Our second location in Zundert makes it able for us to collect plants from suppliers network throughout The Netherlands and Belgium fast and accurate, to make sure we can deliver complete orders.

During the plant season we have daily transport to Western- and Northern Europe. We do this with our own transport vehicles or with help of our network of reliable transport companies.


By being one of the first to achieve production with Quality Certificates like MPS-A+, On The Way To Planet Proof and Naktuinbouw Select Plant we have proven quality and environment are very important in our prodution process. Not only is the quality of our product important, also is the relation we have with our clients, suppliers, staff and the environment.

Our products

Nursery stock

Our nursery stock does not end where our production stops. Our suppliers network is spread throughout the Netherlands and Western Europe. Some of these relationships lasting over genarations. These valuable contacts together with the help of modern technologies and software makes us able to source the demanded plant material in the right quality for the wright price! 

No matter the kind of customer:

  • Wholesale nurseries
  • Gardeners / landscapers
  • Cities / local governments

Planting material

Various nurseries in Europe we provide with the best quality planting material for lining out or potting. Quality, authenticity and freshnesh are of high importance for these deliveries. Our quality programm helps us asure these qualities. 

Orders often are placed in autumn for delivery in spring. We reserve the ordered plants and asure punctual delivery after call off.

  • Lining out trees
  • Shrubs for lining out
  • Shrubs for potting


Arnold Faassen started growing plants in 1883 just for forestry owners. Ever since forestry plants have been a major part of the family business. We still grow and trade lots of forestry plants in different qualities, varieties and ages, were bare rooted broadleaf have the majority. 

  • Bare root forestry plants
  • Different origins

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